just a little bit of crazy

I haven’t wanted to post recently since we have been on such a see-saw of emotions about this house. We have had 3 potential closing dates pass us by with no house to show for it. Due to unforeseen circumstances from our bank that is handling the loan, they were unable to meet the dates we set for closing. The ride has been so rocky that we thought about giving up a few times. I am trying to be as positive as possible as our last potential closing date is 3 days away.

Now that we are a week past my bridal shower, all I want is to go back to it! Every little detail was so thought out and beautiful! My mother, Maid, and Matron of honor know me so well its kind of scary! I absolutely cannot wait to get into this new house, clean, replace floors, and play with all my new toys!

Many many bottles of wine have given themselves in tribute to helping me get through these past few weeks. I can only hope the next post will contain some before and after photos of our home improvements. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


The longest few days of our lives so far…

We just made the scariest decision of our lives… We put in an offer on a house.

We started the house hunt a few weeks ago mostly just online, however recently we began looking at houses in person. After the first few trips we began to get discouraged. The houses in our price range were in not the best areas, or too far away from our jobs, or needed renovations we couldn’t afford… it was almost enough for us to quit.

After missing out on some of our favorite houses because other people put offers in before we were able to see them, we finally went to see a house we found by driving by. I wasn’t expecting much out of this yellow corner house, but the hubby was super excited about it, so we made an appointment to check it out. As we walked up the front path we were greeted by sounds of small yappy dogs and I still wasn’t convinced that this was a good use of our time. Then we stepped inside the front door and we were greeted by a huge grand family room. The kind of room that just begs you to sit down on the couch and snuggle in for a movie marathon. As we walked through the rest of the rooms we knew that it was the kind of house that we could see ourselves turning into a home. So we went home and within 12 hours we had our offer signed and sent.

And now the waiting game begins….

So to help keep myself sane, heres some of the inspiration I’ve been scouring.

The hubby and I both found this inspo on separate pages and knew that it was a perfect way to expand the hanging space in the grand family room and make this the perfect home for us.

Basement_miniInspiration Found Here

I have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of cake stands, cupcake trinkets, cupcake wrappers, and baking decor. I would love to have somewhere cute to store all of these pieces on one shelving unit to look pretty, but also so that they will get used more. It would be like walking in to a store every time I was looking for some way to display what I’ve baked or cooked.

Shelf Tutorial Found Here // Shelf Styling Here // Hutch Inspo Here

Next thing to dream about is going to be the Master Bedroom makeover. We will be moving our current bed and mattress into the guest room and painting to make it look different, mostly because I want to finally have a king size bed, but also because I want to have a guest space available. And because hubby has never had his own space in any of our homes that was his personal getaway, I want to help create the man room of his dreams!

…off to pin and do whatever I can to keep my mind off of this home offer waiting game!