… and we got it!

After 72 long hours of waiting we heard back from the realty company… our offer was accepted! Now comes the scary part! I’ll just cover up how nervous I am about this process by spending endless hours planning decorations on Pinterest, drinking delicious pumpkin beers, and wedding planning. Sure seems like a lot on our plate!

When you’re shopping for a mortgage, they don’t tell you about all the different reasons why rates change, about the extra money per month that goes into a house payment that you never get back, or that you could potentially be paying twice the amount of the house over the course of 30 years! All these things make you just want to curl up into a ball and never leave your bed. However I know the hubby and I will get through it together and we can’t wait to finally move in to our home!

It’s football Sunday around here and we are anxiously awaiting the start of the games, another distraction from our waiting game! Football is one of our favorite times of the year, so this house will be a perfect place to host a Super Bowl party!

Until then… it’s time to bake some cupcakes to practice for the party!


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